Tiada Perasaan Gay atau Bergay

Pabila masa nyata kosong tiada pengisian, kelapangan diisi dengan penggarisan pada papan digital kosong. Diisi dan digaris hingga nampak isi, tutup kosong.

Tiada perasaan gay atau bergay


Satu kali silap, terus mati tiada jalan keluar. Adapun jalan, mesti buat yang baru. Memang mati.

DMC2 Rebellion

Rebellion, the most popular sword in DMC. Appeared in every series.  Basically, the basic weapon of the game.

P/S: Pos ini adalah keperluan, bukan kemahuan.

aLCeyDee, The First Brilliant Display Yet

The First  Multi-Use Display Ever Made
The First Brilliant Display Ever Made.

After 2 years, The αβ Studio/TV was tired of spending time producing video only to be watch or even played on common displays which has too many distortion. Two month and hundreds of prototypes later, The αβ Studio/TV aLCeyDee is the icon that brings you the clarity of  video the way it was originally intended.


Powerful enough to hold the line of stability, even when bent.

Powered by triple leg suspended system, the video clarity featured in aLCeyDee will always be stable as the view angle is fixed to you, delivering you consistently beautiful and colourful display.

Say good bye to the 'Wires'.

With aLCeyDee, you will no longer be stuck due to the length of wire as it includes wireless connectivity, giving you comfort the way you want it. Charging is also comfortable, with inductive charging.

A flawless and hard-to-break display.

Designers of aLCeyDee have conducted a series of ergonomic studies to find the perfect lightweight, yet hard-to-break display that always delivers an anytime portability.

Eyecandy, without any performance cost.

Games, movies or even picture can now be enjoyed with full clarity display. Ultra big-sized media and anti-aliasing is now a thing of the past with the integrated 2xBr Vector, the most complex yet no cost on CPU usage.